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Wet & Hot Tap Services

Industrial Hot Tap

Wet tapping is the process of cutting and connecting new pipe to an existing pipe or pressure main without interruption of service. A hot tap is performed while the existing main is under pressure; the hot tap provides the branch connection with no loss of water, no service interruption, and no damage to infrastructure resulting from water main de-pressurization. The terms hot tapping and wet tapping are synonymous, and referred to as TS&V, tap, or wet tap. The main difference between wet tap and hot tap is that a wet tap is performed on pipelines that carry water and sewage, and are usually done in residential or commercial areas.

For commercial and/or industrial wet tap service, Mickie Service Company is the leading provider in the gulf coast region. Our commercial hot tap capabilities provide a branch connection on an existing water main. Customers use our industrial hot tap services for water main extensions, metered lines, commercial fire lines, and offsets.

Commercial Hot Tap Services

We offer a complete range of industrial hot tapping services, including "cut-only", "install/cut" and our "full service" tapping solution where we provide the tapping sleeve and valve. (We can provide excavation/backfill services in the greater Houston/Austin/San Antonio areas, as requested.)

Commercial wet tap

Wet Tap Materials

We stock epoxy-steel, stainless steel, and MJ sleeves in all standard sizes – which minimizes customer delay resulting from underground pipe uncertainty. Over our thirty years in business, we have built strong relationships with municipalities, inspectors, and suppliers which translate into getting work done more quickly and smoothly.

Hot/Wet Tap Pipe Diameters

3/4 inch 16 inch 36 inch
2 inch 20 inch 40 inch
4 inch 24 inch 44 inch
8 inch 28 inch 48 inch
12 inch 32 inch

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