Residential Fire & Domestic Water Meters

Houston Water Meter Installation

A residential domestic water meter is the starting point for providing municipal water to a home. A water meter, or fire meter, will be installed for:

  • New construction
  • Enlargement of an existing meter (often resulting from new construction)
  • Relocation of an existing meter
  • Transitioning from a well

How to Get a Residential Domestic/Fire Meter Installed

This six-step process is nearly the same for all new domestic meter services, relocations greater than 5' away from the existing meter service, or an enlargement of existing meter service.

(descriptions are specific to the City of Houston process; each municipality has its own processes – please contact us for specific requirements on residential meter installation in other municipalities.)
  • 1 Determine Requirements of the Service
  • 2 Apply for Meter Service
  • 3 City of Houston Payment
  • 4 Set Up the Job
  • 5 Meter or Tap Installation
  • 6 Project Completion
Residential Fire

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