Commercial & Industrial Irrigation Water Meters

commercial irrigation water meter in the ground

Commercial Water Meters

Commercial irrigation water meters are frequently used to reduce water/sewer charges. Specifically, customers are not charged for sewer service on water used for (and metered specifically for) irrigation purposes.

Sizes of Irrigation Meters

Like domestic/fire meters, irrigation meters are classified as small (5/8”, 1”, 1 ½”, and 2”) and large (3”, 4”, 6”, 8”, 10”, and 12”).

Large irrigation meters are used almost exclusively for athletic fields or other spaces requiring very large water quantities. Very few commercial entities require a large meter. Small meters are generally connected to the existing domestic meter service.

*Importantly – an irrigation meter can ONLY connect to a line with domestic water service. An unmetered fireline, fire hydrant lead, or metered fireline cannot be used for irrigation water supply.

Commercial Irrigation Water Meter Taps

There are situations where there is a separate tap made for the irrigation meter.

  • Irrigation water requirements > domestic (for a “teed” installation the domestic meter >= irrigation meter size)
  • There is no domestic water (esplanade, right-of-way beautification projects)
  • The location of the area to be irrigated is far away from the domestic water meter

In these situations, the irrigation meter is applied for separately – the only difference is that an "irrigation only" letter from the owner is required and a vacuum breaker permit (generally supplied by the irrigation/landscaping contractor) is required for the application.

In general, the application process is the same as for domestic/fire meters. For commercial and industrial irrigation water meter installation/inspection, a copy of the vacuum breaker permit (generally supplied by the irrigation/landscaping contractor) is required.

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