About Mickie Service Company

Mickie Service was started in Houston, TX in the mid-1970’s by Lee Gregory, one of the leaders of the Houston civil construction industry. At the time, Mickie Service business was water main construction, water main repairs, hot taps and meter installation. In addition to being a great entrepreneur, Lee Gregory had a super eye for finding exceptional employees. He hired Elaine (who knows more about hot taps in the greater Houston area than anyone else – hands down), Kenny, Joe D, Willie, Popcorn, Jose, and John – (the guys who made all those taps – and, for the most part, still are making taps today!). In the mid-90’s, Lee sold the business to James Moheet who brought a strong engineering background and an excellent reputation with the City of Houston. For the next decade, the business continued to thrive by offering unparalleled service and expertise. When Mickie Service came to the construction site – everyone knew the tap was going to be made – right.

In 2005, James sold the business to Tom Johnson. In the last few years, we have built on our strong foundation of unparalleled expertise and service. As a municipal and commercial water line service company, we have branched out geographically – now serving our customers from El Paso, TX to Pass Christian, MS. And we’ve expanded our service offerings. Leveraging our core capabilities in water main tapping – we now provide line stops, insertion valves, and private fire line installation. And, we’ve added more great people Ti, Marc, Fred, Tony, Lynn, Lewis, and Wayne - all of whom strive to keep the name Mickie Service as strong and respected as it has been since Lee Gregory started the business more than thirty years ago. We are very proud of our past – and even more optimistic about our future. We look forward to working with you.

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