Mickie Service Company is proud to be the leading provider of municipal water line repair and installation services for the Gulf Coast region throughout Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, Oklahoma and New Mexico.

In addition to expert installation service, we have experienced field management, knowledge permitting representatives and highly trained office personnel to make your installation as simple as possible.

Municipal Hot Taps

Mickie Service Company has more than 30 years of experience in the municipal hot tapping industry. Municipal hot tapping (or pressure tapping) provides a new branch connection to an existing water main pipe or pressure vessel. Our hot tapping service is performed while the existing water main is on stream and under pressure.

Mickie also provides commercial hot tapping service.

Municipal Line Stops

Our municipal line stopping services (also called line stop) provides a temporary shut-off and flow control of an existing water main by making a size-on-size tap then inserting a rubber plug or stopper into the line. We stock line stock fittings 4"-60" in all standard sizes, minimizing customer delay resulting from underground pipe uncertainty.

Municipal Valve Insertions

Our municipal valve insertion service provides a permanent valve on an existing water main. The benefit of an insertion valve installation enables no water loss, service interruption or damage to infrastructure resulting from water main de-pressurization.

Our municipal services include:

Map of Municipal Water Line Service AreaMunicipal Water Line Service Area

We now offer Municipal Hot Tapping, Line Stops, and Insertion Valves services nationwide.

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