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Valve Insertions

What is an Insertion Valve?

Valve insertion is the method of installing a permanent valve on an existing main water without interrupting service on that pipe. The primary alternative to an insertion valve is to use the existing valve infrastructure to shut down the water main(which generally results in a far larger section of infrastructure to be taken out of service) and then "cutting in" a new traditional valve.

Water main insertion valves are generally employed when existing valves are inoperable, cannot be located or are not positioned correctly to ensure isolation for critical infrastructure (municipal & commercial) and users (hospitals, schools, major lateral distribution mains)

We offer valves from different manufacturers to ensure we can provide the correct Insertion Valve Solution. There are multiple brands and names describing Insertion Valves - including, Valve Under Pressure (VUP), InstaValve, InsertValve, Inline Valve, Add-a-Valve, and Insert-a-Valve.

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Water Valve Insertions
Valve Insertion

Mickie Service Advantage

  • Same day or next day service - guaranteed (on standard size water insertion valve services)
  • Large on hand inventory of fittings - to enable a quick resolution/successful installation if existing pipe type/size are different than planned
  • Full time PM and office staff to assist with proper design of the overall solution and to ensure that all aspects of the service, not just the Insertion Valve itself, are effectively managed
  • Extensive knowledge of local specs and procedures and long standing relationships with inspection teams
  • Highly trained, experienced installation technicians
  • Real-time job/installation checklists are generated and provided to our customer at the end of every job (these checklists are stored permanently by MSC, in case there is ever a question about work performed)
12in Team Insertion Valve

More about Insertion Valves

Advantages of Insertion Valves

  • Eliminates service disruption and water loss
  • Reduces scheduling variability (no need to coordinate the authorities on water main shutdown, which can often take multiple attempts)
  • Reduces excavation required, relative to the standard valve "cut-in"
  • Improves overall job safety - by eliminating the need to work in the wet, sloppy conditions that always exist when cutting a water main
  • Reduces risk of water main contamination
  • Reduces crew service time and off-peak hours scheduling
  • Saves time and costs, from start to finish

Insertion Valve Capabilities 

  • Pressure: up to 250 psi
  • Temperatures: up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Water main materials:
    • PVC / C900
    • Ductile Iron
    • Cast Iron
    • Asbestos Cement (AC)
    • Steel
  • Insertion Valve Size: 4"-12" (immediately available), 14"-24" on request 

Insertion Valve Service Areas

Our primary service area for Insertion Valves (12" and smaller) is the greater Houston area. For larger diameter and mechanical projects outside this area - please contact us and we will work with you to determine if our solutions are right for your work.

Water Valve Installation Services

How Does the Valve Insertion Process Work?

Insertion Valves Process

1. Install insertion valve sleeve and temporary valve.

2. Tap water main.

3. Secure valve bullet on insertion tool.

4. Insert valve bullet into valve body.

5. Install flange and operating unit.

Pipe Diameter Capabilities

Mickie Service has 4"-12" immediately available


4 inch6 inch8 inch
10 inch12 inch

Mickie Service is capable of performing valve insertions for pipes 14"-24" on request 

14 inch16 inch18 inch
20 inch22 inch24 inch