Municipal Water Insertion Valves

What is an Insertion Valve?

Municipal insertion valve picture

The insertion valve is installed while the existing water main is under pressure and is preferred when a permanent valve is required or when the shut off required is temporary.

Advantages of Insertion Valves

  • Install new service lines, or expand existing main line with no service disruption
  • Replace or repair valves and hydrants
  • Control water distribution for safe working conditions
  • Perform main line maintenance quickly and efficiently
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Water Valve Insertion

Our municipal water valve insertion and installation service (also called InstaValve, InsertValve, Inline Valve) provides a permanent valve on an existing water main. Mickie Service Company is the leading provider of insertion valves in the gulf coast region.

The insertion valves are installed while the existing main is under pressure. The use of an insertion valve enables the installation of a valve with no water loss, service interruption or damage to infrastructure resulting from water main de-pressurization. The insertion valve is installed by making a size-on-size tap, generally in the top of the main, then inserting the valve body in the flange of the insertion valve fitting.

After installing the valve, a standard operating nut is installed and the insertion valve operates like any standard valve in the water system. An insertion valve is preferred when a permanent valve is required or when the shut off required is temporary. We stock valves 4" to 12" in all standard sizes, minimizing customer delay resulting from underground pipe uncertainty.

Municipal Valve Insertion Services

If a permanent valve is unnecessary, but pipe shut off is required for the service, we offer municipal line stopping service, as well. 

Mickie Service Company’s insertion valves meet or exceed industry standards, delivering innovative valve technology that works with any existing system.

Our Valve Insertion can be performed under standard line pressure up to 200psi on C900, ductile iron, cast iron, A/C and steel mains. We offer same or next day service in most cases.


Insertion Valves Process

Install insertion valve sleeve and temporary valve.

a worker installing a municipal inline valve

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