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Line Freezing Services

What is Line Freezing?

This innovative service method isolates a section of pipe by freezing the liquidpipe contents so that it forms an ice plug. The adhesion of the ice to metal allows this plug to hold back the product to allow modifications to make to the system.

A freezing container is installed and sealed on the pipeline with a special tape, enabling it to contain liquid nitrogen that is injected in order for the pipeline to be frozen and monitored. Once an ice plug is formed, the essential repairs or updates can be made.

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Pipe Freeze Services

When to Use Line Freezing 

Pipe freeze services are typically used for maintenance purposes, where access to the existing valve infrastructure is inconvenient or would require too large of a service disruption.

Line Freezing Services
Common applications include:
  • Pipe relocations
  • Installation of valves
  • Equipment isolation
  • Replacement of pipe sections
  • Pipe branch terminations
  • Pipe Freezing Fluids


While line freezing services are not effective with all liquids, the following can be frozen successfully:
  • Water
  • Waste water
  • Brine solutions
  • Glycol solutions
  • Hydrocarbons and oils
  • Slurries
  • Sewage 
  • Chill water

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Material Types

All types of metal pipes can withstand pipe freezing. Likewise, treated plastic, composite, and concrete pipes can be serviced with pipe freezing:

Stainless steel, Lead, Copper, Carbon steel, Transite, Cast & ductile iron, Titanium, Aluminum, Coated & lined pipe, Vertical, horizontal, inclined, and Out of round

Markets That Use Line Freezing Services: 

  • HVAC
  • Medical
  • Industrial
  • Power
  • Chemical

Why Mickie

Long Standing Relationships

Long standing relationships with key equipment and material suppliers as well as complementary service providers enable us to offer the best possible line freeze solution for each job

Highly Trained Experts

Since the mid-1970's, our experienced installation technicians have been delivering quality service to our clients. Our lead techs all have 5+ years of experience. With this experience, we have learned how to avoid future problems and we can create solutions for difficult water line situations and emergencies.

Full Time Assistance

Full time PM and office staff to assist with proper design of the overall solution and to ensure that all aspects of the service, not just the line stop itself, are effectively managed

We offer pipe freeze services throughout: