Mickie Service Company has provided water line services to the greater Houston area since the mid-1970s, and we are committed to providing the best line stopping, hot tapping, or valve insertion solutions. We prioritize safety and efficiency when it comes to completing water line services and unique projects. Our equipment is top of the line and we are constantly finding new ways to innovate and give our customers high-quality service.

Highly Trained Staff

Our staff is highly trained, and with years of experience, we have gained extensive industry knowledge. Our lead techs all have 5+ years of experience. With this experience, we have learned how to avoid future problems and we can create solutions for difficult water line situations and emergencies.

Certified Company

Mickie Service Company is registered in the City of Houston to provide line construction. We have the SBE certification, and we are certified to work on construction projects.  We also are certified to install commercial fire sprinkler systems. It is a priority of ours to obtain all of the proper certifications for our field.

Expertise in Water Service Offerings

With over 30 years of experience, our company has gained expertise in area specifications and processes. We have completed a vast range of projects, and our employees are experts in the water line service field.

Excellent Safety Record

The safety of our employees is a top priority at Mickie Service Company. All of our techs have completed OSHA 10 & Confined Space training. We also have had no lost time accidents in over 3 years.

Innovative & Extensive Use of Technology

Mickie Service Company is constantly keeping up with the evolving technology in the water line service industry.  We utilize technology for flow metering, GPS tracking of installations, real-time crew tracking, real-time installation reporting, online proposals, and pipe calculations.

What Makes Mickie Service Company Different?

There are many factors that come into choosing the right line service company for your project. Mickie Service is one of the leaders of the Houston civil construction industry, and some of the following service offerings make our company stand out over our competition:

  • We can guarantee 99% same day service
  • We have an extensive list of equipment
  • We can run 5+ Crews a Day
  • We have an extensive onsite material inventory
  • We have a wide service scope range
  • We have bilingual crew members
  • We have long term partnerships with complementary service providers


Want to Learn About Some of Our Success Stories?

View some of our case studies:

Municipality | Success Story


Crew ArrivedWithin 43 Minutes

Mickie Service worked with our partners, Core and Main, to replace a 30' section of 8" water main. The crew accomplished 3 small service transfers to put the businesses back in service, along with a fire hydrant replacement.

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