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Success Story

Houston Hot Tapping Success Story

Thursday at 2PM, we had five TS&V's scheduled for Friday. A good day - but, nothing to worry about. By 5PM, there were ten taps on the books, including one requiring a FLG-FLG valve, which we do not keep in inventory.


Hot Tapping in the Greater Houston Area

Water Service Utilized


We were quickly short on trucks, resources, and crews. However, we've never met a TS&V we did not like - we had to get it done. 


The management team quickly convened and started "what-if" our schedule. We mixed/matched as necessary and contacted the crews - some came in Thursday night, others were slotted to load at 5AM. A runner was slotted to be in Beaumont when AFC, or valve supplier, opened - to pick-up the needed Flg-Flg valve. 


During the course of the day - not once, but, twice, did we dispatch additional material as the expected main size/type was different than planned. We also re-routed two crews - as the TS&V's were not ready as planned. There were tap crews zig-zagging across Houston, meeting runners with parts, transferring job tickets... By 5PM - all taps were installed. Real-time job reports were delivered to our customers. Trucks were at the shop - getting prepared for what tomorrow would bring. 

Advice from Experts

We guarantee we can do your TS&V tomorrow - and most times - the same day you call. Give us a call - we'll show you what we can do!

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